Mini Hay Baler Manufacturer
  • CE approved, high quality.
  • Push-button replaces the pull rope used for bale ejection.
  • Easy to transport and store after strapping.

Hay Baler

Hualand offers the most efficient and versatile range of hay round balers, For whatever you’re baling from wet silage to dry hay to straw or stalks, available to suit your demands. Small Round Hay Baler HL-0850 with Twine Wrap & Push Button Tailgate Straw baler builds on the robust design, larger platform, and improved bale-rejection system, a larger main gearbox with a heavier output shaft, and larger chains and sprockets.

The whole working program is successive, accurate and reliable.

Round hay baler with Twine Wrap 0890

Huland Hay Baler 0890 is widely used in collecting and bundling hay silage, dry and green grass, straw, wheat stalk, corn stalk,vine cuttings, alfalfa and

Round Hay Baler with Wrapper

Baler with wrapper diesel model outside Series. Our hay bales wrapper are manly ideal for picking up hay silage, wheat, rice straws, grass, alfalfa and

Round hay baler with Net Wrap 1220

Hualand Hay Baler 1220 with Net Wrap model is widely used in collecting and bundling hay silage, dry and green grass, straw, wheat stalk, corn stalk,vine cuttings,

2060 square baler

The square baler is widely used in hay silage, wheat and corn stalk, rice straws, alfalfa, and more The square baler comprises a pick-up a

Hay baler with cutter 0890C combo

The Hualand round baler 0890 with cutter combo is used to collect and bale various materials, such as rice, wheat straw, hay, and forage. With the help of a

Hay Baler Series


Round baler offers the convenience of an automatic twine binding system. Alarms the operator the baler is ready to wrap, at that time the operator simply stops forward movement and the baler starts wrapping the bale within two seconds. 


After sale services, Spare parts guarantee. Hualand Farm Industries is the best agriculture manufacturer and service provider in the list of agricultural equipment manufacturers all over the world.  


The mini round hay baler produces a 22″diameter by 27″ long bale from 30 to 60 lbs. depending on hay moisture content. Requires 18HP-90HP Tractor.


Our employees often come from agriculture backgrounds – they know the products they build and they understand how our customers will use them. This knowledge helps us build a product that will perform as expected for years to come. We also have Research and Development facilities, All of our products undergo rigorous testing.

How to Install Twine Wrap for Round Hay Baler?