3 point Rotary Tiller for Tractor Supplier

*Quality and performance are well.

*It can be used on dry and paddy fields.

 *Perfect soil leveling can be achieved in all conditions.


Rotary Tiller

Whether you’re replanting a garden from last year, or in the process of putting in a new field, when you use a PTO-powered rotary tiller you’ll get that seedbed broken into the perfect texture for planting. Hualand offers 4 models of rotary tillers with working widths ranging from 1.1 – 2.4 m.


Dealing with stony ground, the brand-new additional strong leveling bonnets offer better wear resistance.Their curved form suggests excellent soil leveling can be accomplished in all


The transmission with built-in speed modification is readily available either as common or to purchase. With this attribute, utilizing a special set of equipments, rate


The main design purpose of the rotary tiller is to break the soil or compact the soil for the new vegetable garden, flower bed, or


The aquatic mechanical seals consist of two metal rings facing each various other with a fine movie of oil dividing them. This system makes certain

GQN Rotary Tiller

Rotary Tillers are sized right for portable tractors and also are made to till soil for seedbed preparation. The rotation tillers tend to achieve greater deepness of penetration, moving and also pulverizing more dirt while doing so, while hiding residue rather than leaving it on top.

GQY Rotary Tiller

A rotary tiller is a mechanized cultivating implement that is used to prepare soil for planting. It is one of the most popular power tools among home gardeners

GQC Rotary Tiller

They are ideal for homeowner landscaping, small nurseries, gardens, and small hobby farms.

GQE Rotary Tiller 

The Series Tiller is created to go throughout the day, day in day out, in one of the most requiring work. This tiller can turn over a bunch of dirt without much entering its means and is perfect for landscape design, nurseries, and commercial gardening applications.

Gearbox Warranty

1 Year Limited Transmission Service warranty demonstrates our confidence in the gearbox’s quality and lasting performance.

Stamped Chain Case


Stamped forming provides the chain cover strength.


Cast iron gearbox supplies toughness.


6 tines punctured the ground smoother. C Shaped points need less horsepower.


How to weld the blade seat to the knife shaft of the rotary cultivator automatically ?