Bale wrapper


  • The low ground clearance can unload the bale smoothly.
  • Store the bale anywhere. A single bale can be moved to the storage area.
  • Subaru gasoline engine, strong power.
  • Automatic wrapping, the goods are loaded onto the bale wrapper, then the goods shall be wrapped with plastic film as the bale wrapper turn it. 
Dia*width for bale500*700mm
Overall sizeWorking 150*87*103cm
Matched power6hp gasoline/electric engine

The wrapper machine is a compact product that is easy to use in environments such as gardens, homes, or farms. It is used to wrap the bales for storage. After bagging, the bales can be stored for a long time, keeping them fresh and nutritious. Because it can resist wind, rain, and snow under open storage. 

This is of great significance to the prompt harvest of pasture in agricultural and pastoral areas, the efficient use of crop stalks as well as the disaster-countering and livestock protection.

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