Round Hay Baler with Wrapper


  • Driven by the diesel motor instead of electricity, special for areas where is of electricity energy shortage.
  • CE -approved,  high-quality,  Japanese technology.
  • Make the balling and wrapping at one time, suitable for fresh and hay straws, to make the silage as animal feed. It is widely used in agriculture and animal husbandry.
  • Easy to transport and store after strapping. The silage bales can be wrapped by 2-6 plastic film layers according to customer’s demand, and stored for 1-3 years.
Capacity45-75 bundles/h45-75 bundles/h
Baler density35-85kg/bale35-85kg/bale
Baler size550*520mm550*520mm
Motor powerDisel ≥12hpElectrical(3 phase 220v 60hz)
only inside use
Operating speed350 R/min350 R/min
Wrapping Layers2-4 layers2-4 layers
Wrapping speed24s/2 layers/baler24s/2 layers/baler

Baler with wrapper diesel model outside Series. Our hay bales wrapper are manly ideal for picking up hay silage, wheat, rice straws, grass, alfalfa and compressing them into bales compactly which can make it much easier for you to handle, transport ,and store the above-mentioned hay materials.