Our hay balers Net Wrap model 31 are mainly ideal for picking up hay silage, wheat, rice straws, grass, alfalfa and compressing them into bales compactly which can make it much easier for you to handle, transport, and store the above-mentioned hay materials.

Round Hay Baler 31 Net wrap model


  • Both TWINE and NET WRAP options are available.
  • The minimum HP for operation is 15 HP.
  • Capable of baling up to 100 bales per hour (120 for net wrap model).
  • Adjustable bale density to meet customers’ needs.
ModelHL-31 with Net Wrap & Push Button Tailgate
Weight (kg)/lbs440kg/970lbs
Pickup width(cm)/(in)120cm/47in
HP for tractor(hp)15-30
Baler size(cm)/(in)φ50×70/φ20×28in
3kg Rope60 bales
Working speed(km/h)2-5
Dry Bale weight(kg)/(lbs)20-40kg/44-88lbs
Dimensions (cm)/(in)115×130×120/45×51×47in
20GP/40HC container20/40sets
Time of producing15 Working days after receiving T/T 30%

Hualand mini round hay baler with NET wrap model winding and button tailgate is your selective baler!

A round baler can be used quite safely if common sense is applied when operating the machinery.
Don’t stick your hands/feet/head around any operating machinery

Follow the operating instructions

Only bale crops approved for your make and model

Only use binding material made for your make and model

Turn off all power when you need to perform maintenance or routine work on your machinery
Wear PPE