What does drum mower mean?

Drum mowers typically have two counter-rotating gear-driven drums, positioned vertically, with blades on the bottom. They draw grass between them and leave it in one piece.


Huamachinery compact drum mowers are perfect for the small tractors that are so popular with landowners today. Designed for the lighter weight, narrower width and smaller 3-point connection of subcompact and compact tractors, they cut faster and with fewer issues than other mowers on the market.


The drum mower designs that have been prominent in Europe for decades are finally gaining popularity in the US, and rightly so. This design is much simpler mechanically than a sickle mower. Drum mowers have just two large counter-rotating drums that create a lot of inertia to help you power through the thickest hay conditions. The drum is powered from above by a simple gearbox, rather than using multiple pinions from below like a disc mower. Additionally, these drum mowers use only 4 inexpensive reversible blades per drum that can be easily sharpened or simply replaced when dull. This simple, superior design makes them easy to use and maintain, while also making them durable enough to handle the harsh conditions of hay fields.


Another superior feature of the Huamachinery compact drum mower is its durable shaft drive system. Other manufacturers continue to use belts between the main PTO and drum gearbox, which can cause unnecessary mechanical problems. Shaft drive means no belts come off, slip or break when it’s most inconvenient.


The manufacturer of Huamachiney drum mowers has been making drum mowers for over 20 years. They feature a proven design that has proven its durability over years of use. Each drum is factory tested for dynamic balance, reducing vibration and extending machine life. Because of this special attention to detail, the DM series compact drum mower is a high-quality machine that will give you years of trouble-free performance.


Ideal for medium to large compact tractors or 18-90 HP utility tractors, lawn mowers for harvesting all types of hay under curtain view.


A conditioner (or hay conditioner) is an implement that curls and crushes freshly cut hay to promote faster, more even drying. Drying hay efficiently is most important for first-cut hay crops, which consist of thick stems that take longer to absorb moisture than finer textured hay, such as the second and subsequent cuts.


The conditioner consists of two grooved drums through which the hay is forced, causing the stem to split, allowing the liquid trapped behind the cell walls (sap and cell sap) to leak out and provide more surface area for evaporation. Most farms no longer use a separate conditioner, as the conditioner has been integrated into the mower conditioner, combining the mower and the conditioner into one machine.


Although air conditioners can shorten the drying time of hay, they can be problematic in hay fields. The space between the two opposing rollers can be reduced or increased according to the user’s needs, but there is a maximum open area. This may cause malfunctions or problems with the machine. If the hay is wet or spread in the field, it will clump together when pushed into the air conditioner roll. This can clog the rolls or even cause the hay to wrap completely around them. If caught early, the user can turn off the machine and cut the hay manually. If not caught early, this can prevent the rebar from rolling, preventing the bolt from turning the machine and then stopping the tractor. If this happens, people are looking for a major problem with their machine. Not only can this damage the rollers, but the belts on the mower’s adjusters can also break and the tractor’s own engine can be put under considerable stress. While this can be a significant money and time-consuming issue, if users remain vigilant and constantly aware of their device’s performance, the problem will never last longer than a small pause.



The drum mower has proven to be one of the most durable designs of all hay harvesting mowers. Minimum weight required to operate in a safe transport position. Some tractors may require additional front end weight.

*Powder painted with all moving components balanced for long life

*CE safety approved- Over-run clutches standard

*Exterior Hydraulics are not needed for the rear transport position

*Quick Change blades- 3 per drum

*Safety Release to prevent damage

*Comes complete with a PTO with an over-ride clutch in the machine

*Belt Driven & with quick change blades

* One year limited warranty


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