How to check the baler’s rope winder when the work season is over?


The rope winder is used upright like this. When the grass is full, this thing will fall down automatically and then you will hear the alarm sound. The baler will automatically wrap the rope and cut the rope. When it falls, it will cut the rope and the bundle will be finished. , and then press and hold the button on the white wire box, and the bundle at the back will be released. After putting down the bundle, release the button on the white wire box and the back cover will fall down bale, and then lay down another bundle.


The rope can only be tangled when the rod is dropped, and the rope cannot be entangled when the rod is standing. The rod was not pulled down by a human pull rope but fell down on its own with grass. Leave 35-38cm for the tail of the rope for next use.

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