9 Tips Before operate to the mini round baler and hay rake finger?

There are some points to do prior to run to the small round baler.

1 Affix the baler to a 3-factor drawback. This will certainly permit you to raise as well as relocate the baler while doing the assembly.

2 You will certainly require to retrieve the components stored inside the baler area. To retrieve the parts, remove the bolt connecting the hydraulic arm to the back cover.

3 Open up the locks safeguarding the back cover closed. There are latches on both sides.

4 Linking the hydraulic arm to the rear cover, do not over tighten up the link.

5 The tire axles, tires, control bar rope, and also buzzer connection will certainly require to be set up , cord the buzzer link to your tractor battery.

6 The gearbox ought to be completed with SAE 80/90 W gear oil.

Hay Rake Finger 

The Model can be utilized on tractors for 18-50hp.

1 First connect the major setup to a 3 point drawback. When mounting the point surveys, make certain that the bearings are inside the underside of the rail of the hub. The branch polls are linked making use of four screws.

2 Make sure that the points are related correctly.

3 The skirt connects to the skirt survey with 2 screws.

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