Wood Chipping Machine WC-8


Wood chippers are used for cutting wood into smaller wood chips.This machine requires a minimum of 25hp,the blades cut the wood into pieces and the fans blow the chips out from chute.


The disc wood chippers employ steel disc with rectangular blades mounted upon it and fans upon the other side.

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- Feed rate of 36 feet per min.
- Round flywheel house,easy to change blades.
- Adjustable chips size
- 360 degree rotating discharge chute.
- PTO shaft included (shear bolt protected)


Model WC-8
Dimension 1600*1020*1400mm
Structure weight: 370kg
Blade turning radius: 302mm
Max chip capacity 180mm or 8 inch
Work efficience 4-7cbm/hour
Drive system Direct drive, PTO
Knives 1 stationary blade, 2 rotary blades
Knife type No. 65 manganese steel
Feeding method Hydarulic or mechanical feeding
Match power 25-50hp
Container 24pcs/20ft

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