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Snow blower is a tractor implement used in road,ground,warehouse etc ,mainly in blowing away of snow. It is developed to meet the consumers continuously increasing demands of quality, design and appealing prices..Snow blower has a security belt that is easy to reach for both the rotor and the transport screw. This protects the snow blower and the tractor effectively.

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- It’s high efficiency and easy operation win warm praise from customers.
- To achieve highest possible capacity to handle all sorts of snow, the Snow blower has an optimized feeding system.
- Snow blower can be equipped with a hydraulic, rotating tower or a mechanical tower with two outlets on the sides. The hatches on the mechanical tower are handled manually and apart from each other.


Cutting Width 1400mm 1700mm 1400mm 1700mm 1800mm
Cutting Height 610mm 610mm 610mm 610mm 600mm
Fan No. 4 blades 4 blades 4 blades 4 blades 3 blades
Fan Diameter 460mm 460mm 460mm 460mm  
Hitch Type Front end loader Front end loader 3-point Cat,1orⅡ 3-point Cat,1orⅡ 3 point
Driven system hydraulic hydraulic PTO PTO PTO
Hyd.Requirement 6.6-13.2gpm 2000psi min 6.6-13.7gpm 2000psi min NO NO NO
Tractor HP 25-35HP 25-55HP 25-35HP 25-55HP 25-80
Approx. Weight 315kgs 360kgs 315kgs 360kgs 240kgs

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