Сеноворошилка И Рейк


One machine, three functions, tedding, raking, and reversing multi-functions

By adjusting the tines, the machine can be used as rake or tedder.

As a tedder, it can spread and flip the green-cut materials and withdraws, for drying evenly.

As a rake, it can collect the dried materials into lines for balers to pick up and pack them.

Swiftly handle tough conditions while delivering clean collecting and spreading performance, maneuverability, durability. Torque limiting clutch on the heavy-duty PTO provides overload protection. PTO speed is variable, so you can match ground speed to crop and field conditions.

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Метки товара


- Vertical tines pick up fewer stones and less debris than horizontal tines  or cleaner tedding and raking.
- Ground wheels provide maximum stability when working rough,uneven terrain,flotation tires provide added stability.
- Can track adjustment allows you to quickly tailor tedding/raking action to varying crops and conditions without tools.


Модель RXHR-2500
Матч мощность (л.с.) 18-50
Reed quantity 12
Вес (кг) 160
Raking width(cm) 250
Tedding width(cm) 160
Operation eifficiency(km/h) 4-8
Dimensions 2100x2500x950mm

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