What need to do when you get the hay rake ??

The Model 2500 can be used on tractors for 18-50hp

1 First attach the main assembly to a three point hitch.

When installing the tine polls, make sure that the bearings are inside the rails on the bottom side of the hub.The tine polls are connected using four bolts.

2 Make sure that the tines are orientated correctly.

3 The skirt attaches to the skirt poll with two bolts.

4 The stands and tire assembly are clipped into place.Spacers are provided to adjust the height of the tires.

5 The Reverse settings are for teddering. The Collect setting is for raking.The Diffuse setting is for spreading and the Convey setting is for transporting.

More information please refer to the Operator’s Manual

Post time: Aug-02-2018

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