Before operate to the mini round baler ,you must to do what??

There are some things to do before operate to the mini round baler.

1 Attach the baler to a three point hitch. This will allow you to lift and move the baler while performing the assembly.

2 You will need to retrieve the parts stored inside the baler compartment. To retrieve the parts, remove the bolt connecting the hydraulic arm to the rear cover.

3 Open the latches securing the rear cover closed. There are latches on both sides.

4 Connecting the hydraulic arm to the rear cover, do not over tighten the connection.

5 The tire axles, tires, control lever rope and buzzer connection will need to be installed wire the buzzer connection to your tractor battery.

6 The gear box should be topped off with SAE 80/90 W gear oil.

Please refer to the Operator’s Manual for more information.

Post time: Aug-01-2018

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