Big Round Hay Bale Machine


The round baler is widely used for picking up hay silage,wheat,rice straws,grass,alfalfa and more.Bale size and Bale weight varies depending on materials.Figures,technical data,dimensions and weights.Use twine to baling hay and straw,low cost.,Use Counting System, high quality.

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- Easy-handling bale(cross section 1.5m*1.2cm).
- P traction system is very effective especially at a field corner.
- 360 degree tranmission gearbox,it works at small turning radius.
- Wide and center -mounted pickup can be lifted up high. It’s easy tocross a ridge.
- String is automatically wrapped round the bale.
- Make the picking and bundling up at one time.
- CE approved,high quality, Japanese technology.


Model RXYG-1.5
Bale size(cm) Φ120×150
Bale type Round
Bale weight(kg) 150-300(straw/hay)
Weight (кg) 2000
Work efficiency(bales/hour) 12-30
Match power (hp) ≥50
PTO Speed 540 rpm
Tire space(mm) 2880
Overall size
(L*W*H) (mm)
Pick up width(mm) 1800
20GP 2 sets

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