Bale Wrapper


Bale wrapper is a compact model, easy to work on the garden ,home or farm and so on .It is used to wrap the grass bale for storage.. Bale can store for a long time after the bagging,keeps its fresh and nutrition.beause it can resist wind,rain and snow under open storage.

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- Low ground clearance for smooth bale unloading
- Store bales anywhere. Individual bales can be moved to storage areas.
- Automatic wrapping,the goods is loaded onto the bale wrapper , then the goods shall be wrapped with plastic film as the bale wrapper turn it.
- Subaru gasoline engine,strong power.


Model RXHW0810
Dia*width for bale 500*700mm
Overall size Working 150*87*103cm
Weight 85kg
Matched power 6hp gasoline engine

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